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Locality plan of locality Vestec by Prague

Location Golf Konopiště is located in the outskirts of the village Tvoršovice approximately 40 km south of Prague in truly beautiful forests and meadows, near the city Bystřice by Benešov. In the immediate vicinity is Golf Resort Konopiště.
At a distance of 5 km from our location is the city Bystřice Benešov. Here you can find a wide amenities, including a kindergarten, primary school, library, post office and several restaurants. Other important facilities including a hospital and several secondary schools are located nearby Benešov just 7 km away from the village Tvoršovice.
Village Tvoršovice land falls under the city Bystřice. Official website of Bystřice -

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OPTREAL offers new lucrative plots for the construction of family houses in the village of Vestec, in the district of Prague-West.

OPTREAL offers new lucrative plots for the construction of family houses in the village of
Vestec near Prague, in the district of Prague-West.

  • plots in sizes from 800 to 1238 square meters
  • quiet location
  • surrounded from three sides by existing family houses and gardens
  • maintained Vestec pond and outdoor gym about 250 m from bordering lands
  • kindergarten and sports area also in the neighbourhood of the site
  • Jesenice Fun Park sports complex in Zdiměřice, just 3 km away
  • the most basic civic amenities in the village, a wide range of shops and services also in the neighbouring Jesenice
  • complete amenities including various cultural opportunities in Prague
  • villages of Jesenice, Zdiměřice and Hrnčíře are up to the distance of 3 km