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Points of interest
soccer (32x37)

TJ Viktoria Vestec Sports Centre

Football field, multifunctional playground in the sports hall, exercise room, background facilities, restaurant, party games and events, outdoor gym.
4_Ceska posta _ Post office (200x150)
postal (32x37)

Vestec Czech Post Partner

U Hrubých street No. 850, 252 50 Vestec Office hours: Mo - Fri 8 - 12 h., 13 - 18 h.
3_Bus zastavka U Klimesu _ Bus stop Vestec (200x150)
busstop (32x37)

Bus stop

U Klimešů street, Vestec Line 326 - from Jesenice via Vestec and Opatov Metro to Kunratice Forest and back
2_Materska skola _ Maternity school (200x150)
daycare (32x37)

Vestec Kindergarten

A new modern kindergarten with large garden offers 6 classrooms with a dining room and a relaxation room and is equipped with a new kitchen. The kindergarten offers the logopaedic care by means of logopaedic prevention.
1_OU Vestec a Obecni policie _ Municipality and the Police station (200x150)
administration (32x37)

Vestec Municipal Office

Office hours - Monday 7:30 - 12 h., 13 - 17 h., Wednesday 8 - 12 h., 13 - 18 h.
pruhonice_result (200x150)
forest (32x37)

Průhonice Park and Castle

Průhonice Park is a national cultural heritage monument registered in the UNESCO world heritage list. The Park covering 250 hectares is located on the edge of Prague in the village of Průhonice. Průhonice Park is also unique by combination of exotic trees that are represented here.
aquapark-cestlice_result (200x120)
swimming (32x37)

Aquapark Čestlice / Aquapalace Praha

A unique water world with the area of 9,150 square meters is the largest aquapark in Central Europe is located on the outskirts of Prague in the business premises Průhonice - Čestlice. The Aquapark Čestlice includes the sauna world, fitness centre, luxurious spa-wellness centre, rehabilitation, and many other activities.
nakupni-zona-cestlice (200x138)
supermarket (32x37)

Commercial zone Průhonice-Čestlice

The largest shopping centre in the Czech Republic near the village Čestlice, Průhonice and Říčany. The biggest department stores include the OC Spectrum, Albert hypermarket, MoDo, Hanák Forum and Shoppark Čestlice. The commercial and entertainment area Průhonice-Čestlice is located along the D1 motorway.